The  HELLENIC VEHICLE INDUSTRY S.A. was established in 1972 as STEYR HELLAS S.A.

In 1987, after the transfer of Austrian shares to the Greek State, the company was renamed HELLENIC VEHICLE INDUSTRY S.A. (ELBO S.A).

In AUG 2000, 43% of the shares and the management of the company was transferred to the joint venture of METKA S.A. and MYTILINEOS S.A. HOLDING Company.

In DEC 2001, after an increase of ELBO’s share capital by GrD 5.6 billion, the participation of Mytilineos Group of Companies reached 47.5%.

This is the first of a series of sequential increases totaling GrD 20 billion, to be carried out by 2006. The increase of ELBO’s share capital signals the beginning of a new era for the company, which coincides with its return to profitability.

The production facilities of ELBO S.A. are located in the Industrial Area of Thessaloniki and cover a total area of 270.000 sq. meters, 60.000 of them are built- up area.

ELBO S.A. possesses the industrial infrastructure to produce all types of vehicles for military and commercial use.

ELBO’s human resources comprise of specialize technicians with long experiense in the specific field of work and administrative staff with advanced skills in handling processes for the joint manufacturing of vehicles with foreign firms.

ELBO S.A. is the Greek Army’s largest supplier of various types of armored and other vehicles.

ELBO S.A. in its effort to provide high quality products and services to its customers, has created and certified a Quality Management System according to the International Quality Standard ISO 9001 : 2000, The certification was granted by TUV HELLAS member of RWTUV S.A. Group of Companies.

Future programs that expected to be assigned to ELBO S.A., include the assembly of Main Battle Tank (MBT), under the procurement programs of the Greek Armed Forces, the “KENTAURUS” (AIFV) Armored Infantry Fighting Vehicle, the modernization of existing armored tanks and other vehicles.

HVI S.A. has two well equipped workshops in Athens and Thessaloniki. The availability of spare parts and the mobile service units, guarantee a constant rapid assistance.


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