KLEEMANN is a Greek multinational company manufacturing and trading mechanical constructions and one of the leading elevator manufacturers in the European and global market. The company specializes on unique constructions, platforms, mechanical equipment and parts, with a wide experience in high demanding projects in terms of load, durability and specifications.

With production facilities in Greece, Serbia and in China and two assembly centers in Turkey and in Russia, KLEEMANN responds to the needs of the global market providing the KLEEMANN products to more than 100 countries. Its wide sales network is further reinforced with local presence in key markets such as Germany, the UK, Australia, Romania and France among others.

Dedicated to providing reliable and quality certified products and services, KLEEMANN has been one of the first companies in Greece to develop a quality management system. Every step of the production procedures is being controlled by a thorough system that safeguards quality and high performance of KLEEMANN products.

Among the KLEEMANN most popular product solutions are special mechanical constructions and parts, heavy load platforms, vandal resistant lifts, firefighter’s lifts, earthquake lifts, super sized hydraulic (up to 20tn rated load) and traction lifts, car lifts, rotated platforms, scissor lifts, explosion proof and high enduring extra protective lifting equipment. 

KLEEMANN products are designed and manufactured to apply in any special project specifications giving solutions for extreme weather and temperature conditions, heavy loads, challenging terrains and space restrictions.


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