Nikos Kostopoulos

Nikos Kostopoulos comes from the Business area where he works until now as a Managing Director and Business Development Consultant in companies such as Planet, the Public Power Corporation and Dialect Technologies. In his professional career he has been an executive member of the Board of Directors and Chief Executive Officer in major companies of the private sector, such as Planner – a subsidiary of the National Bank of Greece Group, Special Advisor to the Ministry of National Education and Religious Affairs and the Ministry of Interior, Executive Vice President of the National Emergency Aid Centre and Executive Secretary of the Region of Northern Aegean. Today he is the Chief Executive Officer of the Hellenic Defence Systems S.A.

He has experience in service reorganization studies, business plans, infrastructure and transport management, large property construction and utilization and has participated in European interregional programs such as Interreg, as well as in design projects mainly in the countries of South-Eastern Europe, Bulgaria and Romania, Cyprus, Turkey, Syria, Jordan and Maghreb countries. Indicatively in Cyprus, he participated in the reorganization of the public procurement system based on the European procurement framework, while in Bulgaria he participated in the design and creation of a successful anti-corruption system, supporting the work of the Council of Ministers. From his position as Executive Vice President of the National Emergency Aid Centre, he has been instrumental in unblocking the Organisation from tenders for the supply of new ambulances and mobile units that were binding the Organisation for many years, achieving a significant reduction – about € 4 million – in the supply of the new fleet but also in its reinforcement through the utilization of private offers relying on transparency and sound management. In the Region of North Aegean he was responsible for coordinating human resources (more than 500 employees), for the implementation of actions to address the refugee-migrant flow in Greece, and was one of the leaders of the establishment of the North Aegean Region office in Brussels – precursor to other Local Government Administration Organizations.

Graduated from the German School of Athens, is a graduate of the Department of German Studies at the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens, while attending Law, Economics and Political Science at the German University of Fernuniversitaet Hagen. He holds an MBA from Zurich Elite Business School in Switzerland, and holds a Master’s Degree in European Governance (MEG) from the University of Neapolis in Cyprus and in International & European Studies from the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens.

​He had a significant involvement with the public affairs while serving as an elected Regional Advisor in the region of Attica for the period 2014-2019. 


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