Interoperability solutions, Mission, and Tactical Command & Control Systems

is a leading defense software development and integration company, founded in 1993 in Greece, specializing in design, development, installation, and testing.

SCYTALYS has an outstanding record of participation in domestic programs supporting Hellenic forces, and through its long history of engineering innovation, reliability, efficiency, and  quality of service, has managed to become the preferred partner of multinational companies and organizations in the Aerospace, Defense and Security sectors, providing quality-driven solutions.

has also leveraged its global presence building on proven capabilities and products, responding to modern technological challenges, and achieving the delivery of complex software systems based on customer specific requirements. The company’s R&D and production of innovative technologies enable customers to achieve Interoperability, improving communication, enhancing Situational Awareness and Domain Supremacy, and thereby creating an effective Network-Centric Warfare environment.

In addition, the company utilizes high-end and field proven technologies in the design and development of advanced product solutions in the areas of Tactical Data Links, Mission and Tactical Command & Control Systems, C4I Systems, Training, Testing & Simulation, Surveillance & Reconnaissance.

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