ELMON, a Leader in Defense Integration


ELMON is a leading Defense Integrator, registered in Athens, Greece since 2005, specializing in Protection, Security and Defense Systems.

ELMON offers a comprehensive product portfolio for defense and homeland security requirements. The combination of ELMON Products from our own state-of-the-art production facility and a network of strategic partnerships enables us to provide the best possible solutions to government end-users to succeed in the harsh conditions of the battlefield.

Customized Solutions are tailored in close cooperation with our customers to meet their specific demands.

ELMON Support services assist customers in developing requirements and respective solutions as well as support end users throughout the whole lifecycle of solutions.



Life saving gear for defense and law enforcement units in EMEA.

  • Ballistic Helmets
  • Body Armour
  • Bulletproof vests
  • Ballistic Plates
  • Demining Suits
  • Tactical Clothing & Gear

ELMON offers a wide range of bulletproof vests, ballistic plates and ballistic to meet specific applications and customer requirements.

Tactical, Duty & Concealable models, for Army units, Police and VIPs.

A range of light weight and high performing helmets.


Protection against Chemical, Biological, Radiological and Nuclear hazards.

  • CBRN suits & overalls
  • Instruments for detection of CBRN hazards
  • Tools for sample collection
  • Decontamination solutions

Detection of CBRN hazards

  • Hand portable instruments with analysis of the CWA using the IMS method
  • Portable kit of detection of CWA in water
  • Radiation sensors, etc.

Sample collection & Transport

  • NBC sampling kit for the sage collection of samples from a territory for lab inspection
  • NBC resistant transport bags for easy storing and protecting transported goods and items
  • NBC resistant people bags for transporting not contaminated persons through contam. terrain


  • Portable Sprayer – compressed air combined with an especially designed nozzle, a highly effective decontamination fluid is microscopically atomized to form particles on a micro-scale basis to produce a dry mist or fog.
  • One Person shower – completely auto- nomous decontamination shower, with special design and all the parts for dilution of the decontamination liquid on water, heating of the shower water and safe disposal of the decontaminated remains.
  • Decon shelters – turnkey COLPRO solutions designed of soft wall shelters according to AEP54 standard. Have successfully passed tactical tests for a majority of the European Armed Forces, Emergency Military Units and other NATO Forces.


An innovative state-of-the-art combat boat for Special Naval missions and Coast Guard patrol.

  • Military Fueling Systems
  • Armor Protection
  • Stealth profile coatings
  • Increased Autonomy
  • High Speed


In order to ensure this high standard ELMON has invested in new production capacity which has resulted in relocating to our new premises (3.600 m2) in Markopoulo, Attikis where we have gathered all our production activities together in one location.


All the tests, reports and certificates are conducted by accredited laboratories.

These laboratories are independent facilities, approved by national governments and conduct the tests according to the standards.


Special Forces & Law Enforcement Units & Naval Authorities around the Globe.

Major Supplier of Hellenic Police, Military Forces and Naval Forces and Coast Guard

Exports in more than 20 Countries worldwide:

Austria, Belgium, Bosnia,  Bulgaria, Chile, Denmark, Finland, France, Italy, Jordan, Mexico, Netherlands, Portugal, United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Spain, Switzerland, Tunisia, Turkey, Qatar.

Government Sales – Indicative References:

  • Belgium – Police                     
  • UAE – Presidential Guard
  • Saudi Arabia – Special Security Forces
  • Spain – Navy Special Forces           
  • Qatar – Armed Forces
  • Finland – Armed Forces
  • Indonesia – Navy / West Fleet


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