INTRACOM DEFENSE (IDE) is a Hellenic Defense Systems Company with an outstanding record of participation in domestic programs and exports to quality-driven international customers in Cyprus, Czech Republic, Finland, France, Germany, Indonesia, Israel, Lithuania, Spain, Sweden, U.K. and U.S.A.

The company utilizes high-end technologies in the design and development of advanced products in the areas of Missile Electronics, Tactical IP Communications, C4I Systems, Surveillance, Hybrid Electric Power Systems, and Unmanned Systems.

Moreover, IDE invests an important percentage of its annual turnover in new technologies and participates in joint multinational R&D and production programs, in cooperation with major international defense system companies. The company retains its international recognition through the long-standing participation in European and NATO new technology development programs.

Utilizing advanced production capabilities, highly-skilled and experienced personnel and large-scale project management know-how, IDE is a key player in the high technology sector of the Hellenic Defense Industry. Through its participation in domestic and international defense programs, IDE has achieved high levels of local added value and supports the Hellenic industrial sector by allocating considerable contracts to local subcontractors.

Tactical Communications 

IDE’s solutions in tactical-wideband communications can be used to cover specific needs of Defense and Security Sector and they are already successfully operating in land and naval platforms for fixed or mobile applications.

Data Links & Telemetries

IDE has significant experience in the design, development, qualification and production of missile data link and telemetry systems, used either in surface-to-air (ESSM), air-to-air (IRIS-T) or ground-to-air missiles (IRIS-T SL).

Hybrid Electric Power Systems (HEPS)

To realize the vision for sustainable field power in the emerging operational environment for defense, security and government applications, IDE delivers integrated hybrid power solutions for mobile tactical field power and vehicle auxiliary power, utilizing conventional energy storage sources and power management. 

Land & Maritime Surveillance

IDE monitors continuously the emerging and evolving security threats and vulnerabilities in the fields of critical infrastructure protection and border surveillance and provides state of the art technology development and integrated systems.

Unmanned Systems

IDE’s Tactical Unmanned Platforms incorporate the company’s extensive know-how in electronics, communications and integration. They demonstrate high performance, autonomy, robustness, reliability, data/communications security, interoperability, as well as mission versatility. Furthermore, they are designed for safety, easy deployment, operation and maintenance.


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